About Us

About Us

After more than 25 years of production, laboratory, sales and marketing, senior management experience in international and industry-leading companies, we established our factory in Ferizaj in March 2018 to carry these experiences to Kosovo and the surrounding countries. In the first place, we turned to concrete and cement additive chemicals. And in a very short time, we managed to dominate the Kosovo Market with our products, services and competitive prices. Then our exports started. This success gave us the courage to decide on the production of 'Cleaning Chemicals', which is another of our experience. And we made the relevant investments in a short time. We made an assertive entry into the market with a product portfolio of more than 30 cleaning chemicals.

We are determined to strengthen our position in the construction sector with the 'Construction Chemicals' product group, which we will start selling soon.

We also obtained the regional distributorships of Bianca and POLİSAN Paints in 2019. And we started the sales.

We are the distributor of POLİSAN Kimya Balkan Countries for the ADBLUE product, which is used by diesel vehicles and makes toxic engine gases environmentally friendly.

In short, we are determined to continue our development with the ever-increasing product and service quality in Kosovo and all the Balkans, with the philosophy of Smart Solutions and Solution Partner for our customers.

Stay with love.